11 Best Shirts for Redheads aka Majestic Gingers


My Favorite Redheads

Before I get into the post of the best shirts for redheads, I wanted to start off with some of my favorite red haired celebrities.  How many of these redheads can you name?  Who should I have added?  Write your answers in the comments!

Best Gifts for Redheads

OK, now that I got my favorite red heads out of the way, let’s get into the top 11 shirts for redheads!

Gingers aka Redheads really get a bad rap.  Less than 2% of the world’s population has been blessed with fiery red hair.  These are the best shirts for redheads to celebrate their unicorn-like rarity.  Today is International buy a Redhead a Gift Day.  FYI – that is every day!

1 – Ginger Things

Ginger things redhead shirt - Stranger Things parody

The Ginger Things tee shirt could be one of the perfect shirts for any red-haired person.  This takes the Stranger Things logo and makes the perfect parody for a funny ginger shirt.


2 – I Heart/Shamrock Gingers

I Heart / Shamrock Gingers - Saint Patricks Day Shirt for Redheads

This is a cute shirt to wear out for St. Patrick’s Day or to get as a gift for someone dating a redhead or married to a ginger.  Have you ever noticed that there are hearts in shamrocks before this?  Has your mind blown?


3 – Limited Edition Redhead

Limited edition sexy redhead shirt

This redhead shirt is for the ladies that know their rarity is a sexy feature that not everyone is lucky enough to have.  It is a perfect minimalist design that shows off the deep reds everyone else wishes they had.


4 – Don’t Make this Ginger Snap

Redhead Ginger Shirt - Dont make this ginger snap st patricks day shirt

And how about some cookie puns?  The only thing fierier than a red head’s hair is their fiery temper.  Don’t make this ginger snap! This also makes a great shirt to warn the drunks on St Patrick’s Day not to mess with you and your red hair.


5 – Husband of a Redhead

Husband of a redhead halloween shirt

This shirt is perfect for a man with a fiery redhead for a wife.  He can wear this for an easy Halloween costume alternative or basically any time he’s out in public showing his lack of fear.  


6 – Warning Label

Ginger shirt - I have red hair because God knew I needed a warning label

I have red hair because God knew I needed a warning label.  What if this was a true thing that God was warning people not to mess with this particular person and that warning was their bright red hair?


7 – Red Hair Don’t Care

Red hair don't care tee shirt

We’ve all see the “long hair, don’t care” quotes before, but where has all the red hair love been?  It’s been here on this shirt the whole time.


8 – Majestic Unicorn

Majestic Unicorn redhead shirt

This is statistical science here.  Only 2% of the world has red hair so I’m basically a majestic unicorn.  You can’t argue with math.


9 – MC1R Mutant

Red Hair shirt - MC1R Mutant

But you’re the best kind of mutant there is!  For those of you that might find this an offensive shirt to redheads, the MC1R gene is the gene that causes you gingers to have your red hair. Here is some proof for you.


10 – Ginga Ninja

Ginga Ninja is the redheaded superhero we all need

The Ginga Ninja is the superhero we all need.  Move aside Batman and Superman with your dark brown hair, we’ve got the Ginga Ninja now!


11 – Team Ginger

Team Ginger shirt for redheads

This shirt is to show which team you are on.   Which team is that?  TEAM GINGER!


BONUS – Ginger Beard Man Shirt

Are you one of those blonde guys or brown hair dudes that somehow grows a fire red beard? This is a funny tee just to show off your red bearded pride.



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