13 Funny Christmas T Shirts for Your Xmas Party


Some of us are luckier than others and get to spend the holidays in warmer weather.  We funny Christmas T-Shirts more than we need an ugly Christmas sweater that will keep you sweating at your Xmas party this year.  If you are looking for a raunchy ugly Christmas sweater though, click that link and find that collection I’ve come across.  Otherwise, these are some of the funniest Christmas tee shirts I’ve been able to find online.

Santa Claus is Coming

Nobody loves a That’s What She Said joke more than me.  But if you’re close, this is a funny dirty Christmas t-shirt with Santa dropping a Michael Scott from The Office joke.


Jingle My BellsFunny Christmas Tee Shirt - If you jingle my bells I'll give you a white Christmas

We’re still in dirty Christmas shirt territory with this one.  It somehow doesn’t feel so filthy with this ugly Christmas style wording and decorations on the shirt.  If you jingle my bells, I’ll give you a white Christmas…maybe it’s just a sweet message and I have a dirty mind.


Funny Jesus Birthday Shirt

Go Jesus it's Your Birthday - Funny Christmas Shirt

Let’s not forget about the man Jesus Christ for whom all of this Christmas party would not be possible.  Give a shoutout to the birthday boy with this tee.   Go, Jesus, it’s your birthday!


Merry Chrithmith – Mike Tyson Christmas

Merry Chrithmith - Mike Tyson Christmas Tshirt

I used to only see this hilarious Mike Tyson lisp Xmas shirt as a Christmas sweater, which I own, but I’m glad to see somebody put it on a tee-shirt.  My sweater got tons of compliments and people taking pictures of it, so be ready for some social interactions if you wear this funny shirt out.


Dachshund Through the Snow

dachshund through the snow - funny christmas shirt - cute dog themed

They don’t all need to be naughty to be funny, but you can keep some of that filthy humor with you since this is in fact a wiener dog.


Home Alone Christmas Shirt – Ya Little Jerk

Home Alone Christmas Quote Shirt - Look What You Did You Little Jerk

This is a Home Alone quote I use almost on a daily basis.  No wonder nobody likes me.  You’ve got Kevin McCallister’s sweet Uncle Frank to thank for this one.


It’s Not Going to Suck Itself

It's Not Going To Suck Itself Funny Christmas T-Shirt

I thought this was such a funnier Christmas shirt before I realized this is a quote from a Dane Cook movie.  It still makes me laugh, but now it is more of a burdened laughter with a dark cloud over it.


Unsexy Man Naked Body Shirt

3D Print Nude Body Christmas Shirt

Wow this one is rough to look at.  Some people are into fat hairy man bodies with Christmas tattoos and ornament nipple rings though.  Who am I to judge?


Sexy Man Christmas Body Shirt

Sexy Man Christmas Body Shirt

If you don’t have the cajones to be the fat hairy man, how about the hairless ripped Christmas shirt with six pack abs and a defined chest?  This would actually be the funniest shirt for an overweight plus size man to wear.  Gotta love the irony of that.


Christmas Shirt for Short People

Short person xmas Shirt - Not an elf just short

I don’t feel right leaving the vertically challenged out of the list here.  With elves being such a big part of the holiday, this is the time for short people to get their spotlight.  It is still a few months away from St. Patrick’s Day…the only other short person holiday.


Let’s Get Lit…Like a Christmas Tree

Lets Get Lit Funny Xmas Tee Shirt

What’s your favorite holiday pun?  I like Christmas puns like this “Let’s Get Lit” tee shirt.  I feel like this could be the cover a rap Christmas album.  Dr. Dre where are you on that one?


Math Nerd Christmas Shirt – Ho Cubed

Ho Cubed - Funny Christmas Shirt for Math Nerds and Teachers

This one makes a funny Christmas shirt for all of those math nerds out there.  Math nerds still exist right? Or are there just math teachers who like these corny punny Christmas shirts they think only they will get?


I Touch My Elf

Funny Dirty Christmas Shirt - Touch My Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater Style

Good luck keeping this song out of your head the rest of today.  I don’t want, anybody else, but when I think about you I touch my elf.  Oh that poor little elf!



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