Anti Trump T Shirts – New Election Year


The 45th president has not been doing himself any favors since getting into office as you can see from a few of these anti Trump shirts.  If you can believe it, more people dislike him now than immediately after the election.  He continues to tweet at 2am (probably from his toilet) and divide the country over so many issues.  Here are a few of the best shirts for people that hate Donald Trump.

1. I Didn’t Vote for Him

This tee shirt tells people in people in 12 different languages that you did not vote for Trump as president.  This is the perfect shirt to travel with so people can just not like you for being an American for other reasons than the man in the White House.

I Didn't Vote for Him Anti Trump Tee Shirt

2. United States of Russia

This shirt casts the Soviet Union colors with the hammer and sickle across Trumps silhouette face. This anti-Trump shirt is for those of you that think President Trump is a Russian stool.

Anti-Trump Shirt - Russian Face hammer and sickle

3. Dump Trump (quite literally)

This one pretty much speaks for itself.  Some people just see The Donald as a big steaming pile of crap.

Dump Trump T-Shirt

4. Donald Trump NOPE Shirt

Remember that iconic HOPE image from the President Obama years?  Well this NOPE shirt does just about the same justice going the other way on a president.

Donald Trump NOPE Shirt

5. American Psycho

You know, I liked it a whole lot better when Christian Bale was murdering prostitutes (in the movie, NOT real life).  I can actually see Trump having a panic attack over not having the best business card in the room though.  The only difference is he’d wait until 3am to start tweeting about it.

6 . Trump Putin 2020 Campaign Shirt

There are a lot of these funny anti Trump shirts with a fake campaign for Trump to run for president alongside Vladimir Putin in 2020, but this is so perfect in it’s simplicity.

Trump Putin 2020 Campaign Shirt

7. Not My President

Immediately following the election there was a trending hashtag all over social media that said #notmypresident.  This anti trump shirt is the depiction of that movement, and with that atrocious hair to laugh at.

Not My President Anti Trump Shirt

8. Funny Baby Trump and Putin

This is one of the more funny, but in a sad way, anti trump shirts that I was able to find.  It’s almost cute if it wasn’t so horrendous.  Look at that cute little kompromat!

Putin and Baby Trump Shirt

9. Trumpkin Halloween Shirt

This jackolantern looks way too scary as Donald Trump.  The message here is to Make America Scary again, and this is definitely doing that.  This shirt is also listed in our Best Halloween Shirts for Teachers list.

Trumpkin - Make America Scary Again

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