9 Perfect Halloween Shirts for Teachers


The best Halloween shirts for teachers need to show a sense of humor, but also keep things down to a G or maybe even a PG rating.  No dirty jokes or slutty witches here, just a bunch of wholesome corny jokes and other spooky designs you can wear in front of your students.

We even found some other great Halloween shirts for Teachers who are pregnant.

I’m Just Here for the Candy

This is actually a shirt that you can give to your kids as a gift or a prize before Halloween.  This shirt can be worn year-round for any candy lovers.

Here For Candy - Halloween Shirt for a Teacher

Goofy Snowman/Vampire Joke

Well, the best part about this cute shirt is that you can recycle it and wear it again any time in the winter.  It won’t be constrained to just wearing to school on Halloween.

Cheesy Italian Ghost Joke

Q: What do Italian ghosts eat on Halloween?

A: Fettucinni Afraid-O!

Yes this is a horribly cheesy (no pun intended) joke that is perfect for Halloween.

Italian Ghost funny Halloween t shirt

I’m Fine – Stabbing Survivor

If this was a little more realistic looking, I would say that this wouldn’t be a safe shirt to wear to school, but it is obviously a fake stab wound.  It is a pretty funny shirt that you could wear even after Halloween is over.

I'm Fine Fake stab wound tee shirt for Halloween

Marilyn Monroe Ghost Shirt

OK, this might be pushing the rating from a G to a PG, but it’s still a cute shirt to have.  This is a funny cartoon ghost depicting the famous photo of Marilyn Monroe getting the wind up her dress.

Corny Mummy Joke Shirt

Q: What is a Mummie’s favorite type of music?

A: Wrap!

I never said these were actually that funny as jokes for adult teachers, but they are fun for kids. This one also has a funny misspelling that you can see if your students can catch.  Did you catch it yourself?  Don’t lie!

Mummy Music - Funny Halloween shirt idea for a teacher

THE TRUMPKIN – Make America Scary Again

This is the scariest shirt on the list!  This anti trump shirt will scare the hell out of your students.  Just make sure you’re OK wearing political-minded tee-shirts to your school.

Trumpkin - Make America Scary Again

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