13 Raunchy and Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters


Trying to stay on Santa’s naughty list this year?  Need a good ugly Christmas sweater idea to win a contest at work or with your friends?  Well these are some of the best inappropriate Christmas sweaters I could find to help you keep Christmas naughty.

Not all of these are the traditional Christmas “sweater” material since that is usually pretty expensive and slso realy uncomfortable.  A lot of these are actually long sleeve tee shirts and sweatshirts to mimic the Christmas sweater look.

Snowman Boner Sweater

I love me a funny shirt with props on it.  This is one of the raunchiest Christmas sweaters I’ve ever seen.  There is a front pocket that you can stick your finger into to show off what happens when Frosty gets excited.  The more you drink the less time he’ll spend with a flaccid carrot, which is kind of the opposite of how it works for most people.


Dominatrix Mrs Claus

Inappropriate Christmas Sweater with BDSM Santa and Mrs Claus

This is going to be the Christmas sweater that shows off your kinky side.  BDSM never looked so jolly until you see Mrs Claus taking a whip to a ball gagged Saint Nick.


Naughty Snowman Sweater

Raunchy Snowman Christmas Sweater

There is a complete story being told on this funny Christmas sweater.  Chapter 1 – snowman oral. Chapter 2 – the snowman afterglow. Chapter 3 – even snow women prefer bigger carrots.  Guys, size does matter.  Check out the page to see what happens on the back.


Cheap Doggy Style Christmas Sweater

Dirty Christmas sweater with doggy style elves, gingerbread men, snowmen, and reindeer

Want to see your childhood innocence die on a cheap Christmas sweater?  This one is for sure ugly, but also full of some raunchy sex scenes with your favorite Christmas characters.  Everyone has a bent-over lover from gingerbread men and elves to snowmen and reindeer.


Frosty’s Nightmare

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater - Frosty the Snowman's Nightmare

Good news, magic can bring Frosty back to life after he melts.  The bad news, Rudolph got hungry and ate his wiener in the North Pole woods.


Biker Gang Santa Claus

Biker Gang Tattoo Santa Christmas Sweater

With that beard, Santa could have gone another route and been a character on Sons of Anarchy.  This Christmas “sweater” has some jolly Christmas sleeve tattoos and a badass Santa Claus biker gang skull across the chest.


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Chestnuts Roasting Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa may be trying to make his balls as hot as Derrick Lewis in this one.  That or he had a little yellow snow mishap that needs some drying.


Sad Yellow Snowman

Sad Snowman Ugly Christmas Sweater

This isn’t exactly the raunchiest Christmas sweater, but it also isn’t appropriate for most family Christmas parties or something to wear to work.  


Carrot Sizes Matter

Sad Snowman with baby carrot ugly Christmas sweater

Look at this “cocky” snowman in his glory next to his buddy with a little baby carrot.  Are you going to represent the snowman on the left or the sad jealous snowman on the right?


Santa and Jesus Christmas Homies

Funny Santa and Jesus Jingle Bros Christmas Sweater

This is definitely an inappropriate Christmas sweater for midnight mass.  Tipsy Elves are at it again with this eggnog loving Christmas duo.


Humping Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Funny Humping Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

At first glance, this looks like a nice wholesome Christmas sweater.  Then you see these two reindeer getting down from behind.  Of all these inappropriate Christmas sweaters, this one looks the most comfortable at least.


Humping Polar Bears Christmas Sweater

Dirty humping polar bears ugly Christmas sweater

Don’t leave the polar bears out of this dirty Christmas sweater mess.  They deserve to bang on your shirt too!  


Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe

Definitely do NOT wear this to a family party, unless you’re from West Virginia.  This conveniently placed mistletoe is sure to help you hookup this holiday season.



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