Funny Workout Tank Tops for the Gym – Sleeveless is Best


50% of looking good in the gym is the shape you are in, but the other 60% has to do with the funny gym tank that you choose to wear.  If you’ve been going to the gym in a ratty old shirt you still have from college, it’s time to up your game and get a funny workout tank top already.

Lucky for you, I’ve scoured the entire internet for some hilarious workout tanks.  Now is your chance to get some respect at the gym.  Finally!

Lifting Things Tank Top

Lifting Things funny gym tank

Stranger Things fan? Check.  Big biceps? Check. Be ready to fight off a Demogorgon in the gym while pumping up your arms with this Stranger Things parody gym tank.


I also found this one as a runner tank top for those cardio days.

Hallowed Be Thy Gains

Funny Jesus Gym Tank Top - Hollowed be they Gains

Jesus Chris, look at those deltoids.  I guess in this scenario Jesus turned water into a protein shake


T-Rex Leg Day Tank

Funny tyrannosaurus rex leg day tank top

The tyrannosaurus rex is the only meathead in history to spend all of his time focused on leg day.  This is why he evolved into having such puny arms.


The Squatfather

The Squatfather funny workout tank top

I promise this is the last leg day shirt I’ll put up here.  I know you want the tank tops so you can show off your arms, but don’t you want a Squat Father tank?


Flexed Too Hard

Funny gym workout tank top - flexed and the sleeves flew off

We’ve all been there.  You have a good pump going.  You look in the mirror to see your triceps popping and BAM.  No more sleeves.  


Shakespeare Meme

Shakespeare Meme workout tank top - Dost thou even hoist sir

Dost thou even hoist, sir?  For those of you that aren’t English majors, this is a Shakespeare spin on the Do you even lift, bro shirts.  Funny.


Poop Jokes

Funny runner tank top for cardio day

Who doesn’t love some good poop humor?  This is the shirt that you can save for your cardio day.  You do remember those days right?  They usually get lost like your leg days.


Ronnie Reaguns

Ronnie Reaguns Reagan gym tank

President Ronald Reagan and his wife said no to drugs, but hell yeah to bench presses.  Get yourself a good pump in this shirt on 4th of July or Memorial Day.


Donald Pump Tank

Funny Donald Pump Tank Top for Trump fans working out

Let’s just hope that you have better arms than the model in this photo.  Donald Pump – Making America Swole Again.  Please be the 2020 campaign slogan.


Bro Science Math

Bro science tank top

Bro science is a 50% facts and 60% internet quotes.  This is an awesome gift for your meathead bro that likes to shed knowledge on how to get huge biceps based on a top 10 article he read on Buzzfeed.


Bro Scientist Tank

Bro scientist gym tank top

Do you know someone with a PHD or a doctorate in Bro Science? This Bro scientist shirt tank top shows just what happens when you take bro science just a little too far.



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