Fantasy Football Loser Punishment Ideas


The first place gets the big prize.  The second-place usually gets paid out.  The last place should always be shamed and punished as the ultimate side bet in fantasy football.

The harsher the punishment, the more competition there will be to try not to lose.  Sometimes the player who drafted the worst team will give up after just a few weeks.  This will keep them trying to keep their team afloat as the season goes on.

There are so many ways that you can punish the person in your fantasy football league that has earned the honors of The Sacko.  Here are a few ways you can punish your fantasy football loser.

Embarrassing Shirts

embarassing fantasy football loser shirt for last place

This is a tee shirt website, so obviously we are going to put this up there first.  Make your fantasy football loser wear a shameful shirt to your draft, to an actual game, or every Sunday until you can crown a new loser.  Click for more fantasy football loser shirts.

Public Humiliation

This is an easy one to pull off.  Send your friend to the streets wearing something embarrassing where he/she needs to make a scene and show off that they suck at fantasy football.  The kind thing is to give them a sign that says why they are out in the streets, but the more evil punishment would be to not let them say why they are out making a fool of themselves.

Open Mic Comedy Punishment

This could actually end up funny for most of your friends.  If you have a league with zero stand up comics in it, like 99.9% of the leagues out there, you can force your loser to do an open mic night at a comedy club.  Nothing puts fear into the hearts of a fantasy football player than some public speaking in front of some strangers with a microphone.  You’ll either end up laughing with your friend or completely at them.  You can also put a spin on it like the video above and have the winners/non-last place people write horrible jokes for your victim.

Music Video Punishment

This is one of my favorites.  The league can vote on the best/worst song of the year and give your loser until the next draft to make an attempt at putting together a music video based on that. Don’t let them be lazy on it and demand perfection.  This should end up on all of their social media so their friends and family can see what a loser they are.

A New Job

I saw this on Reddit and couldn’t stop laughing about the idea of one of my friends having to do this.  You should make your friend apply, acquire, and accept a horrible job where they have to go through training and a full day of work.  Imagine making your investment banker friend flip burgers at McDonald’s for a day.

Sad Sports Day

Another one I found on Reddit.  Nobody likes the WNBA, so make your friend go to a game.  Make them go sober.  Make them go wearing the away team’s jersey.  Hilarity ensues.

Loser Doormat 

Fantasy football last place punishment - Loser welcome home doormat

This last place gift for your loser is symbolic.  It is symbolic of their season as the league’s doormat getting stepped on by every team in the league.  They should have to see this fantasy fooball loser doormat every time they walk into their home until the welcome mat can be handed down to the next loser.

Last Place Trophies for Losers

There are some incredible trophies out there that you can get to shame your last place players.  Make them display this without pride somewhere prominent in their home or workplace.  Here are a few great loser trophies I’ve found.

  1. The classic Toilet Bowl Award
  2. Caught with his pants down
  3. On his loser throne
  4. Pile of Crap (custom text)

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