The Best Pregnancy Halloween Shirts


Gone are the days that you can go our in a slutty cat costume drinking cheap beers all night on Halloween.  Now you’re pregnant and will be filling cravings for Snickers and Kit Kats by trick or treating and sipping real apple cider instead of hard cider.  Below are some of the funnier Halloween shirts for pregnant women to show that you’ve got a baby on board.

Mummy to Be

Mummy To Be - Halloween Pregnancy Shirt

This one is a mixture of creepy and cute with an adorable little mummy being made in the womb.  It’s kind of creepy though since it looks like the baby is basically wrapped from head to toe in an umbilical cord.


Mommy’s Little Pumpkin

Mommys little pumpkin - Maternity pregnant Halloween shirt

Mommy’s little pumpkin is peeking it’s way out of her belly in this one.  Let’s just hope your baby comes out a little cuter than this monster jack o lantern.


Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds

dont eat pumpkin seeds - pregnant halloween t shirt

This one has been around for a while, but this pumpkin is just too cute to pass up.  Eat pumpkin seeds, a pumpkin will grow.


Scary Let Me Out Pregnant Shirt

Scary pregnant tee shirt for Halloween

For some reason, I just picture that movie, The Ring, when I look at this.  This is for a mother to be that wants a tee shirt that is a little scarier than it is cute.


Baby Skeleton Halloween Shirt

pregnant skeleton halloween shirt

There are a lot of these skeleton shirts with a baby skeleton inside, but this is the best one I found.  It just gives you that extra Halloween horror element with the dangling spider, but keeps it PG with the heart. Shouldn’t it be behind the ribs though?


Pregnant with Twins Halloween Shirt

pregnant twins halloween shirt

If you were looking at that last skeleton shirt and were thinking “oh man, I have twins. One of them is going to feel left out.”  Well not with this shirt!  If you’re having twins this is the perfect shirt for you to wear this Halloween.


BONUS – Halloween Shirt for Husband of Pregnant Wife

Beware my wife is pregnant - funny halloween shirt

This specific tee shirt is not for the mother, but rather the husband that knows the fears of having a pregnant wife.  Beware his pregnant woman!


Pregnant Halloween Shirts

I really hope you enjoyed this list of maternity friendly Halloween shirts.  Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts about them or if you found a better pregnancy Halloween shirt, let me know and I’ll put it up here!


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